Islamic Helping
Hands UK Charity

Welcome to the Islamic Helping Hands UK Charity Homepage!

The Islamic Helping Hands United Kingdom (IHH UK) Charity was established in 2011.

In the light of the verses “compete in goodness” and “the one who sleeps whilst his neighbour is hungry is not one of us”.

Our Efforts, with your help, Make a Big Difference!

Help to those who are in need

We provide help and assistance to people all around the world.

Humanitarian Relief

Support humanitarian causes and help communities.

Food and clothes support

Reaching out to the communities who need fresh food and clothing.

Emergency Support

Take immediate action and deliver support in emergency events.

Clothes Distribution Program
for orphans in Bagladesh

Make a Change.
Food Aids
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Water wells
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Houses for Homeless
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Your Contribution Makes a Difference

Every bit helps to change lives all around the world. 

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